Frank loves Betty


Frank loves Betty

Here are some latest items from my new etsy shop. I wanted to create a fun shop that was retro inspired.
The name of my shop comes from my Nana and Daddy. They were two of the most beautiful people who loved each other very much. They meet when Frank was in the army and about to leave to fight in General Pattons army during WW2. Now you may think I look really young for someone with a father who fought in WW2, but Frank and Betty were my grandparent who raised me. So I consider them my parents.
Here’s a link to my new shop.


my etsy shop

I have added a few more items to my etsy shop. I would love for you to come check it out and follow me. Im going to figure out how to do a giveaway withing the next few weeks




only four more days till my etsy shop debut.  any suggestions on what is hot to sell?  like I said before most of my products are crochet but I want to venture out even further.  its kinda scary not knowing how well im going to do, or if anyone will even like the stuff I have to offer. crossing my fingers it goes well. my dream would be of course to have my shop as my full time job but very few people can actually do that. wish me luck…


can you guys actually believe it is almost halloween?! this year has gone by so fast. i know even talking about halloween is a bit premature but i need to start preparing. and september is that kinda blah month, where not much is going on. i love everything about this time of year. hopefully soon life will take us to a different part of the country where leaves change and the air has that crispness to it. doesn’t happen in florida. my fam and i are oh so ready for the change.

i have so many things i want to create for halloween this year that im overflowing with stuff. im trying to decide on the perfect wreath. last year i made a super cute crochet wreath for thanksgiving (which i will share when it gets closer to thanksgiving) but never got around to making a halloween one. i am also sharing some of my fav halloween décor ideas. oh yeah and lets not forget about the goodies. happy haunting.

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i love baking and this cake is so cute. no tricks here all treats! check out this bloggers site for the recipe i am baker

strawberry ghost three strawberry ghosts

oww ghostly strawberries. white chocolate covered strawberries. double cream single sugar


love this idea. simple and elegant design dining and diapers


how adorable is this idea? corner house


another front door sign from kiwi lane


this is one for the kiddos 36th avenue


this is simply gorgeous better homes and gardens


here are three wreaths that im trying to decide on. theres a poll at the end. help me decide which one to make and i will make it followed with a tutorial


im on the fence about this one. looks super easy and not too childish. lavenderandpumpkins on etsy


i do love this family of ghost. looks easy enough. what do you guys think  tatertots and jello


i think this might be my fav. found this idea on pinterest since i couldn’t find a tutorial i will do one if picked