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Would love for y’all to check out this story. It might sound trivial to everyone but it really isn’t. Because of mold growth and her low immune system due to the Spina Bifida she has ben confined to her bedroom with absolutly no life. Even if you don’t feel like you can help please pass this on.



Starting a fundraiser

Please visit this site. The site describes what the fundraiser is for. If you don’t think you can help all I ask is if you could share this story and get the help this girl needs.
Thanks everyone.




There are so many cute things that you can find that are vegan. I have been trying to make better choices and buy vegan whenever I can. I know I’m in love with Minnetonka and it’s a choice that I’m not happy with. To wear animal for fashion is not cool in my book. I am guilty of it and so are a lot of people. But I want to change that. I don’t want this to be some sort of debate but just an opinion of mine that you can either agree with or not. But how nice would it be to buy something fab that didn’t harm an animal in any way?! Yeah pretty fab. So I looked around the net and found some pretty cute things. A lot of these companies also donate to help animal rights. Here are the links: 1/chocolate tote by pansy maiden 2/black sandal at mooshoes 3/samy hobo in yellow from melie biaco 4/pleather tote from matt and nat 5/Brown booties from alternative outfitters 6/vegan leather jacket, anthropology 7/deux lux wallet 8/vintage clutches from love is mighty 9/adorable grey slouchy sweat shirt from john bartlettny


here are some great gift ideas that do good for someone other than the receiver. for about 4 years now i have been very aware about what i give and ask for at christmas. it’s a really good feeling to give and get a gift that helps others in need. check out these great gift ideas with links to the product and their story.


pj’s global fund for childrentheir story

this week ending on the 14th this company will donate $5 for every order placed. i know that doesn’t sound like a lot but imagine the change that would take place if every company would do this…

invisable children rose bracelettheir story

i received one of these a couple of years ago. they are well made and very stylish

harrys razortheir story

unfortunately I have a hubby that shaves (I have been trying to get him to grow a beard in vain) I found these great and inexpensive razors that give back.

roma bootstheir story/giving poverty the boot

i have been wanting a pair of hunter boots for a few years now. but when i saw these i kinda changed my mind