There are so many cute things that you can find that are vegan. I have been trying to make better choices and buy vegan whenever I can. I know I’m in love with Minnetonka and it’s a choice that I’m not happy with. To wear animal for fashion is not cool in my book. I am guilty of it and so are a lot of people. But I want to change that. I don’t want this to be some sort of debate but just an opinion of mine that you can either agree with or not. But how nice would it be to buy something fab that didn’t harm an animal in any way?! Yeah pretty fab. So I looked around the net and found some pretty cute things. A lot of these companies also donate to help animal rights. Here are the links: 1/chocolate tote by pansy maiden 2/black sandal at mooshoes 3/samy hobo in yellow from melie biaco 4/pleather tote from matt and nat 5/Brown booties from alternative outfitters 6/vegan leather jacket, anthropology 7/deux lux wallet 8/vintage clutches from love is mighty 9/adorable grey slouchy sweat shirt from john bartlettny


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