not sure how i feel about another year being gone. and im not sure how i feel about 2014 yet.

this year im going to try to do things better. so far not so good. im not resoluting (yeah not a word) because i don’t believe in them just gonna change some things. going to start a new project called “the fat girl project”. yeah sounds mean but it’s true im fat, lets not sprinkle sugar on it (um sugar) im overweight, plump, lumpy….FAT! the project will follow my progress and hopefully inspire me to actually do it considering all of you will be watching me.

i also want to make my blog more cohesive. right now it’s kind of a bowl of lucky charms. a green shamrock here, a rainbow there and some crunchy bits over here. i want it to flow more. instead of me just spitting out ideas all over the place. but maybe that’s a good thing..keep people on their toes?

etsy..oh etsy. i have been trying to open up a shop on etsy for what seems like a year now.  i am not happy until i have everything perfect. my pics are crap, i feel i don’t have enough product etc. but it will get done i promise myself this.

want to do more traveling and hobbies. i love seeing and trying new things and this year a few new places and hobbies are on my list. i would love to start in florida and drive all the way to cali, stopping in louisiana then texas, the grand canon, area 51 and ending in cali.   and a few new hobbies are on my agenda. my hubby bought me a banjo for xmas so gotta learn how to play. i want to start adult dance classes like tap or ballroom. and i want to just spend more time doing things even simple things with my family.

so what are your plans this year?

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