so i know that im super late on this and just noticed that minnetonka had a diy project. they are amazing and have decided to share their ideas with you for a few weeks.



here are the how to’s straight from the web-site

from cotton and curls for minnietonka


Leather or a thicker non-fraying fabric or material
Optional – glitter and gold spray paint
Scissors or rotary cutter and mat
Heavy string

1. Measure the fringe of your shoe and cut out a piece in the same dimensions, unless you want the attachable fringe to be shorter or longer, then alter it according to your preferences. Measure the width of each individual fringe piece and use that measurement to turn that solid attachment piece into fringe with a rotary cutter or scissors.

2. Cut the ends into little triangles if that mimics your shoe’s fringe. If not, then you can skip this step.

3. This is what the piece will look like when done with the cutting.

4. Poke a hole on each end near the top corner and tie a heavy string through each hole. This will be the string that ties the fringe to the shoe.

To make this reversible is the fun part! You can keep the material as is, or you can leave it the same on one side and doll it up on the other. Making that 1 set of attachments, 2 sets of attachments. Some ideas could be mod podging fabric, stenciling, painting, glittering, etc.

What I did:
*optional 5&6
5. Mod podge one side of the piece.

6. Sprinkle glitter, let dry, shake the glitter off and lightly cover with a varnish to hold the glitter in place. Spray the other side with a metallic gold spray paint and let dry.

7. Done!


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