new years is right around the corner (this year has flown by). so i decided to find some really cool party ideas. ive never been too much of a party type. i prefer a small get together. so here’s a few ideas for people who really like to get their freak on and the ones who just like to get a little freaky.


lots of sparkly ideas from the 36th avenue


put countdown numbers on champagne glasses. festive and helps your guest remember which glass is theirs.

gather up a bunch of vintage alarm clocks and set them to all go off at midnight.

turn your xmas tree into a new years tree simply by taking off the ornaments and putting up new years decorations like party hats and blowers.

all of these ideas can be found on this site



who wouldn’t want a sparkler bar. just remember the extra lighters and be safe.


new years photo booth.

photo booth is super hot and such a cool way to remember the night. there are plenty of sites that you can print out printable photo booth props

lovin the gold background

gotta use a disco ball

this gold disk background is super cute

remember be safe and have fun. i hope the new years brings everyone great happiness and good health. and i hope in the new year i am able to devote more time to blogging and bring you guys lots of groovy ideas





opps a bit late on my weekly minnetonka diy. but better late than never.


the how to’s direct from site

Step 1. Cut two big squares of fabric.

Step 2. Place the fabric inside the moccasin and cut it into the shape of the tongue.

Step 3.  Cut the same shape into the other piece of fabric.

Step 4.  Brush glue onto the inside of the tongue.

Step 5.  Place your fabric on the glue and stitch around the edge with your needle and thread.

Step 6. Tie a knot to secure the thread and snip off the excess with scissors.

Step 7.  Repeat on the other moccasin.

Step 8.  Put them on your feet and dance!

For more adorable DIY ideas visit Oh So Pretty the Diaries!


i love the fringed boot which i received as a xmas present this year from my super sweet daughter. this would be such a cute idea. although i kinda love mine the way they are pure and simple. hope everyone had a merry xmas.




just as i promised here are some yummy “adult” hot chocolate recipes.

probably one of my favorite ones

Oaxaca Chakas

Recipe courtesy Milagro Tequila

A riff on a Mexican hot chocolate, this recipe adds a dose of Tequila and rich Oaxacan chocolate powder, which is available at many gourmet stores.

2 ounces Milagro Añejo Tequila
¾ ounce agave nectar
2 ounces milk
1 ounce heavy whipping cream
1 scoop Oaxacan chocolate powder
Freshly whipped cream, to top
Cinnamon stick, for garnish

Combine the Tequila, agave nectar, milk, cream and chocolate powder in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring until the mixture comes to a boil. Pour the heated mixture into a coffee cup, and top with the whipped cream. Garnish with a stick of cinnamon


with butterscotch liqueur

with tequila and mint

and OMG nutella



i love wrapping presents especially at christmas time. i love making a nice warm cup of “spiked” hot chocolate (recipe to come), putting on a good xmas album and sending my lovelies off for the evening. here i have searched the net to find some great ideas that might get you into the wrapping mood.

with bells

with pinecones

with cinnamon

with burlap bow


with a candy cane

with lollipops

with lollipops and candy canesFotor1218211620

with yarn pom poms

with monsters

with cars and other fun stuff

ok ladies and gents time to get rappin


i was rummaging around the internet and found this oh so cute collage. i just felt the need to share it.


blue is my fav color and i just adore the red and aqua accents in this collage.

Crafting Chrismtas: A Collection Of Fab Christmas Decor DIYs

i totally get that reblogging is really lazy but when i see something i like i do feel the need to share

a collection of holdaiy diy round up glitter n glueStill putting the finishing touches on your Christmas decorations? Or maybe somehow you were talked into decorating the house for your Mom’s big ole Texas size Christmas party (yes, me!). Well here’s a little round-up of a few super fab Holiday DIY projects. There’s still time to add a personal touch to your Holiday decor.

Balsa Wood Diamond Ornament {here} | Spectacular Starburst Pipe Cleaner Tree Topper {here} | Gold Leafed Pine Cone Garland {here} | Oversized Ornament Balloons {here} | Glitterly Tree Branches {here} | Mason Jar Snow Globes {here} | Sequin Ornament {here} | Glam Gift Bow Garland {here} | Fancy Faux Fur Tree Skirt {here}

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here’s the the third diy from minnietonka
This is a super cute couples idea. the how to on the minnietonka link above