orange monster halloween cake

I’ve been wanting to try this cute monster cake…next year or maybe for whenever. cake is always good even if it looks like a monster. check out these super cute creative cakes094


here are some of the decorations we tried this year for halloween. my not so little girl has been pretty sick so we were unable to completely enjoy this halloween season.

i love white pumpkins or squash not sure what these are technically categorised as. these little guys will hang around until December, hoping they are ok until then.



i really miss having little ones around that we can dress up and take trick or treating. my daughter has been all types of characters for halloween but my favorite has to be when she was a zombie school girl with a pencil through her head….  

098102100…and the cute little wreath i made

my blogging skills are not up to par and i really want to get into this.  i know that i can contribute interesting ideas to the world but I am having a hard time bringing my ideas out of my head.  i am assuming it has something to do with my daughter about to go through her 7th surgery.  she has been so sick for the past 10 years and finally i am hoping they have found the reason why and will be taking care of it.  im hoping soon my brain will start working again and i can enjoy sharing things with the world


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