french bread stuffing with swiss chard and caramelized red onions

i love to cook.  this year we decided to do things a bit different.  my daughter sydney is a vegetarian so we have to make sure everything is cooked without animal, ie:stuffing, gravy etc. my hubby and i have the traditional turkey but my daughter has a “turkey” roast, and it actually wasn’t that bad. we usually do the same ‘ole green bean casserole and sweet potato with marshmallows but this year with my new-found cooking skill, im getting kinda fancy.

 i love smells the sounds and the time together with family. that’s what it’s all about for me. being with them and just enjoying a lazy fat pant day full yummy foods and great company. here are some of the recipes that i tried this thanksgiving.



wild mushroom gravy with mash


rosemary roasted carrots


sweet potato souffle


the bird


rustic table settings



next year we will be cooking for the entire fam. the ideas on this site are perfect for a big gathering.

my table did not look this fantastic but these are some ideas i think look great. next year will be different and maybe i will be able to actually post pics of what i made instead of linking the recipes. the day started too early for me, the neighbors kept me awake all night and i was just too tired to even attempt photography.





it really makes me nutty when i see my neighbors decorating for xmas the beginning of november.  to me it just takes all the spirit out of xmas.  i love thanksgiving. i love decorating for fall. i love the browns and oranges. i love pumpkins just as much as i love jack-o-lanterns.  i long for the day when we live in a part of the country where the leaves actually change. here in florida, not so much.

here are  a few of my fav things to share with you this holiday season. lets start with what’s important..EAT

i love to bake and im getting pretty good at it. here are some of my fav baking ideas for the fall.

maple syrup cake from somewhere over the kitchen

snickerdoodle pumpkin muffins from bake aholic mama

sweet potato pie from helena ljunggren

chestnut mascarpone mousse and tuile cookies from baking obsession


heres some sexy drinks that i would love to try this season

fig thyme from honestly yum

dirty chai toddy from food52

bumble brown punch from food52

autumn spiced apple brandy cocktail from honestly yum


and of course the things that make me merry.  besides being with my family (that’s a given) I love to spend my time creating, learning and just relaxing.  I am hoping santa is good to me and brings me a banjo for xmas, I really want to learn.

I am desperate to get a nice little garden growing. right now I don’t have the yard to plant a proper garden so in planters or boxes like in the picture would have to do. my daddy had a wonderful shade of green thumb so hopefully I do too.

camping is so peaceful to me, especially in the mountains.  I love road tripping with the fam up to north carolina and driving the blue ridge parkway. would love to attempt the appalachian trail but I hear its hard.  nothing is better to me than camping out by a stream with mountains surrounding you. chilly and roasting marshmallows on the camp fire.

and lastly crochet and knitting.  I am in love with this hobby and I think im getting kinda good at it.  I have gone from making peter pan collars to wonderful soft infinity scarves.  my next scarf will be an ombre scarf which should look fantastic. can’t wait to take pics of them. and of course to have them sell on etsy.




 orange monster halloween cake

I’ve been wanting to try this cute monster cake…next year or maybe for whenever. cake is always good even if it looks like a monster. check out these super cute creative cakes094


here are some of the decorations we tried this year for halloween. my not so little girl has been pretty sick so we were unable to completely enjoy this halloween season.

i love white pumpkins or squash not sure what these are technically categorised as. these little guys will hang around until December, hoping they are ok until then.



i really miss having little ones around that we can dress up and take trick or treating. my daughter has been all types of characters for halloween but my favorite has to be when she was a zombie school girl with a pencil through her head….  

098102100…and the cute little wreath i made

my blogging skills are not up to par and i really want to get into this.  i know that i can contribute interesting ideas to the world but I am having a hard time bringing my ideas out of my head.  i am assuming it has something to do with my daughter about to go through her 7th surgery.  she has been so sick for the past 10 years and finally i am hoping they have found the reason why and will be taking care of it.  im hoping soon my brain will start working again and i can enjoy sharing things with the world