love going to farmers markets. love all the organic produce and unique things we can find. love hearing the music and meeting interesting people. our market is really small. hopefully soon our new home will be somewhere close to the mountains where the markets are bigger.

organic coffee

jams from sunrise jubilee farms. such a sweet lady. can’t wait to visit her farm.

never heard of this..sweet potato greens. cooks just like regular greens and has a hint of sweet potato

it was very hot so we weren’t able to stay too long. hopefully soon we will be moving to a part of the country where we can actually spend time outside without melting.

my daughter sydney and i had a great time at the farmers market this weekend. even though it was too hot for even the devil himself we still braved it. we found some great fresh fruits and veggies, meet some cool people and heard some nice music. we talked to a lovely lady at sunrise jubilee farm. she’s just getting started. she makes really great organic jams. we tried georgia on my mind which if you couldn’t guess is a peach jam. we wish the best for her, her farm and her family. check her out on facebook sunrise jubilee farm


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