ok so when im not really working at work i am on the internet (shhh don’t tell my boss). there are loads of things to find but i seem to always search for recipes.  matter of fact my pinterest food board has more pics than any of my other boards and i have some sexy pinterest boards. so i have found some recipes that i have to make my fam sometime soon.  sometimes its hard cooking for them with one meat-eater and one veggie girl. and im somewhere in between.  i try very hard not to eat meat because its just not that good for you and in my opinion not nice.

soup is probably my fav recipe to make. especially this time of year when the weather is getting a bit cooler. there’s nothing more calming than a nice creamy bowl of hot soup on a cold day.

here are a few recipes that i have found, hopefully they will satisfy everyone.


squash-sage soup


french tomato soup with gruyere


carrot ginger soup



can you guys actually believe it is almost halloween?! this year has gone by so fast. i know even talking about halloween is a bit premature but i need to start preparing. and september is that kinda blah month, where not much is going on. i love everything about this time of year. hopefully soon life will take us to a different part of the country where leaves change and the air has that crispness to it. doesn’t happen in florida. my fam and i are oh so ready for the change.

i have so many things i want to create for halloween this year that im overflowing with stuff. im trying to decide on the perfect wreath. last year i made a super cute crochet wreath for thanksgiving (which i will share when it gets closer to thanksgiving) but never got around to making a halloween one. i am also sharing some of my fav halloween décor ideas. oh yeah and lets not forget about the goodies. happy haunting.

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i love baking and this cake is so cute. no tricks here all treats! check out this bloggers site for the recipe i am baker

strawberry ghost three strawberry ghosts

oww ghostly strawberries. white chocolate covered strawberries. double cream single sugar


love this idea. simple and elegant design dining and diapers


how adorable is this idea? corner house


another front door sign from kiwi lane


this is one for the kiddos 36th avenue


this is simply gorgeous better homes and gardens


here are three wreaths that im trying to decide on. theres a poll at the end. help me decide which one to make and i will make it followed with a tutorial


im on the fence about this one. looks super easy and not too childish. lavenderandpumpkins on etsy


i do love this family of ghost. looks easy enough. what do you guys think  tatertots and jello


i think this might be my fav. found this idea on pinterest since i couldn’t find a tutorial i will do one if picked








i love the look of bowling shoes. i just might have to buy a pair just to wear around

the menu had all kinds of fried yummy goodness. we decided to just get some funnel cake fries…yum
we spent this super hot 95 degree day inside, bowling. my hubby and i haven’t played in almost 15 years and this was my daughter’s first time. i won the first game and my husband the second. syd kept getting gutter balls because she couldn’t get the technique down. thankfully the owner of the alley pulled up the gutter rails and she was finally able to score. it was fun.


love going to farmers markets. love all the organic produce and unique things we can find. love hearing the music and meeting interesting people. our market is really small. hopefully soon our new home will be somewhere close to the mountains where the markets are bigger.

organic coffee

jams from sunrise jubilee farms. such a sweet lady. can’t wait to visit her farm.

never heard of this..sweet potato greens. cooks just like regular greens and has a hint of sweet potato

it was very hot so we weren’t able to stay too long. hopefully soon we will be moving to a part of the country where we can actually spend time outside without melting.

my daughter sydney and i had a great time at the farmers market this weekend. even though it was too hot for even the devil himself we still braved it. we found some great fresh fruits and veggies, meet some cool people and heard some nice music. we talked to a lovely lady at sunrise jubilee farm. she’s just getting started. she makes really great organic jams. we tried georgia on my mind which if you couldn’t guess is a peach jam. we wish the best for her, her farm and her family. check her out on facebook sunrise jubilee farm